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2013-01-08 15:06:55 by HandsomeJake

Here's a new piece!
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Any way you slice it...

2012-09-16 20:31:49 by HandsomeJake

I just submitted a new design to Threadless!

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Any way you slice it...

Old Man of the Woods

2012-09-12 13:49:03 by HandsomeJake

I just submitted another design to DesignByHumans. If you dig it, give it a vote!

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Old Man of the Woods

The design below is up for voting at the t-shirt contest site DesignByHumans! Having just moved to a new city, every vote could possibly help to feed my broke ass.

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Thanks, everyone!

Vote for my t-shirt design (please)!

On my latest front page...

2009-12-15 17:54:16 by HandsomeJake

I'd really like to take the time to more formally thank the NG crew for reppin' my shit and giving it some time on the front page. I don't mind the drop in score or all the negative comments (it's not like anyone was praising it beforehand). To those who got the concept and forgave the fact that it's not very long, I'm really glad that you dug it. One person even said they felt better after watching it, which made me really happy.

As some of you might have noticed, this is the first film I've made where I've utilized my tablet. I'm glad the result at least garnered some attention. I'm thinking of following this up in a possibly more elaborate way and narrow down the comments criticizing my work to simply the people who don't get it and therefore classify it as pointless (which is funny because I give away the meaning right in the description).

Anyways, thanks a lot for all the love and hate. There's really no such thing as bad publicity in art.

I might as well take some here to mention my freelance graphic design business, Aetoric Design. Really, translating ideas quickly through art is how I'm minded when it comes to my work. If you need some artwork, please take the time to check out my graphic design portfolio.

Oh, one more thing. You can talk shit on my work, but leave Cap'n Jazz out of this.

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2009-04-15 18:11:32 by HandsomeJake

So I usually don't think I have much to say to you NG folk. Not to be snobby, I just don't like to spam. But I think this is a worthy update:


A Bamboo Fun Small, to be precise. A cheap score on ebay. Who know if it works, but we'll find out soon enough. It should be here by the 20th (but with UPS, who knows), and I'll be sure to post pictures of my first shitty drawing and animations. Then, you'll all be witnessing the FBF version of my talent...which is lacking. Give me time though--I'm sure I'll be blooming like a beautiful flower soon enough.

Until then, though, leave a comment. I kind of like them


P.S. (oh yeah!)

I'm working on a t-shirt company and made some prototypes. I'll post pics of those in my art forum topic soon enough.


2009-04-01 15:38:13 by HandsomeJake

They are hard to use.


I have no idea what's on this video.

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Free cookies

2008-12-05 17:09:16 by HandsomeJake

...for people who can guess what my profile pic is from.

(cookies subject to not exist)

A new semester starts and I'm already fucked. I missed my second class today (out of 4) because I didn't hear the alarm on my phone. Kicker is I woke up at 8:15, 45 minutes before I needed to. Relieved, I went back to catch some more Zzzs, but of course it backfired.

I can't do computer work at my school, either. I spent $2.50 to traverse Pittsburgh to my campus and was only met with computers that are supposed to be equipped with the latest Adobe software but aren't yet. Bullshit. This will result in some very displease clients since I was planning on using these computers to wrap up some (already late) desings for a band today. But what can I do without a fucking computer?

Though I would have a computer right now if my boss wasn't such a fucking flake. "Yeah, we'll get you a laptop cheap from my work," turns into, "You know what, why don't you find one on Craigslist and I'll buy it," turns into, "Well, I'm broke until the end of the month and I can't pay you until then either." Bullshit.

It's just consistently and exponentially harder and harder to think someday I may actually be able to succeed at anything in my forsaken life. I get all these breaks (financial aid appeal, awesome girl, jobs) after all this previous shit I was dealing with (bad grades, dead dad, lonliness, being broke) and then all this shit comes up. I'm always inches away from drowning in my situation and it gets really tiresome trying to stay afloat. Like, really tiresome. Almost not worth it. Almost.

Somebody hug me.



Don't these two look similar?

FUC|< (i.e. bitchbitchbitchbitchbitch...)

Wanting to test out the new embed video feature, I decided to post a video of myself playing the Mr. Roboto Project in Pittsburgh with my friend Houston We Have A Problem. It was a fun time. Props to esseJ for recording it.

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